Anime-style stuff. How to act and look like a cute anime girl

Increasingly, modern youth choose extravagant images every day. Anime is one of the popular genres among young people today. The basis of this stylistic direction is the Japanese cartoon of the same name, which is distinguished by high emotionality and original depiction of characters, the difference between which is especially large eyes. What are anime clothes? What are the features of this style? How to dress in an anime style?

History of the Origin of the Method

 Anime cartoons have been around for a long time – in the 20th century, the first films of this kind were drawn in the country Rising Sun. And its popularity grew every day, not only in Japan but all over the world. The spread of anime prompted fans to copy their favourite characters – sewing a copy of their clothes and applying the same makeup to make them feel like a character in their favourite cartoon. This style of copying is called cosplay, but there are other ways to dress up to the style of anime. Today, the Japanese anime style in clothes has become fashionable all over the world.

What is the anime style?

The characters of these cartoons are distinguished by extravagance, brightness, and originality of clothing. Therefore, the anime style is primarily bright things, layered clothes, and original graphics. This style is suitable for both girls and guys. To create such an image, various things can be used that will help create a stylish and original outfit. For this, unusual and creative dresses, trousers, and skirts are used, as well as seemingly ordinary things, such as T-shirts and blouses. Dresses in this case are particularly used, usually, these are short skirt options, but also sometimes longer versions. If there is no task to copy a cartoon character, then clothes simply bring a special brightness with the help of the color of things or prints on them. Juicy shades are preferred, such as pink, red, blue, and emerald, however, white and black can also be present in clothes.

Varieties of anime styles in clothes

Even though this style direction has the same roots, costumes can look very different, of which there are several popular types:


This is a special version of the anime style, it is a complete version of your favourite character. For this, the same clothes are chosen as in the cartoon, which is complemented by shoes and accessories of a particular character. Moreover, those who choose this way of dressing for their lives, make the same hair as their favourite character and even copy his behaviour to create the same image.


This is the variation of this style for girls. They choose for themselves bright, doll dresses and skirts in pastel colours, creating vanilla looks. To create such an image, tulle things, various ruffles, golfs, stockings, bows, and hairpins are used. Be sure to use the original accessories, which include gloves, umbrellas, and small handbags. There is a variation in this genre of anime-style gothic teens, which is characterized by the use of all these features in black, softened with white, pink, and bright details.


These are the so-called black characters in anime animation. Young people who wear clothes in this direction do their best to give their skin the darkest possible shade, and when choosing clothes they rely on the use of the brightest and even acidic colours, while many of these things are usually combined in one outfit. This style often features T-shirts with prints inspired by your favourite cartoon characters. Some anime fans refuse to use such unusual images for everyday life. They prefer clothes with distinct prints, such as Naruto T-shirts, Bleach sweatshirts, Death Note sweatshirts, and other anime-themed clothing.

How do guys and girls wear this style?

For a woman to create such an image is not a too challenging task – you should choose a vintage dress, and add original accessories. Also, the image is especially popular with girls. Japanese girls schoolgirls – a dark bottom and a white shirt (preferably a T-shirt, but maybe a T-shirt), a bright tie, white stockings or stockings, or patent leather shoes. For men, when choosing clothes, it is important to give preference to original things that can be trimmed with lacing, with cartoon characters printed on them. It can be various original T-shirts, jackets, or T-shirts. Men should also give preference to darker shades with bright details and accessories. Nowadays, young people often prefer extravagant images and very unusual bows. Therefore, for the younger generation, the anime style is also inherent This is a fairly new style, which quickly became popular and in demand among young people. The main idea of ​​this model is in Japanese movies and cartoons. All the characters in this movie are highly emotional and have a personality of their own. In addition, all characters have very large expressive eyes. This style is preferred by both boys and girls.

 Varieties of anime styles in clothes.

Anime style, like hip-hop style in clothing, has its characteristics and types. Let’s try to analyze several types of this direction:

1) Lolita. This type of animation can be called “vanilla”.

2) Cosplay.

This issue includes a full version of your favorite character. The same shoes, the same outfit, and the same accessories are chosen. The entire hairstyle is copied too.

3) Ganguru.

In this case, black characters are copied. People who prefer this type of animation try to portray a completely dark-skinned character and even make their skin color as close to dark as possible. Everyone chooses for himself what kind of anime he prefers. And do not forget about the availability of accessories.

 How do anime girls dress?

Girls in anime fashion are trying to somehow stand out from the gray mass. They choose for themselves a certain type of bright style given and fully comply with it. These girls love to watch Japanese movies and cartoons. In their wardrobe of fashionistas, there are certainly leggings, stylish sneakers, original tops, T-shirts, T-shirts with a variety of themed prints, dresses with fluffy skirts or skirts made of tulle, and so on. From accessories, they prefer elegant bracelets and elegant earrings, original rings, and chains with pendants. Thus, now the anime style is very popular and continues to gain popularity among young people. Japanese anime is particularly widely represented in cosplay and for good reason! However, cosplay is about more than just wearing a costume. The right attitude and confident demeanour will help you fit into the character as much as the costume you put on. steps part One Immerse yourself in the character

Choose a distinct character for yourself.

There might be a character you like that you think you can play perfectly, but if that character isn’t well known, it probably won’t resonate with the people around you. For cosplay, iconic and recognizable characters are best suited. They don’t have to be the most popular, but at the very least, they should be familiar to at least some of the participants at the anime fan convention you’re going to. If the attractiveness of the image is a priority for you, then think of a character that the fan community likes the most and that you consider the most beautiful.

Study your personality.

For some, cosplay just means the art of making costumes, but avid cosplayers know how to play their characters. The game requires a deep knowledge of character behaviour, psychology, and life history. Study the source material and teach yourself a crash course in personality study. Ask yourself questions and try to answer them.

What is the deepest secret of the character?

How does the character communicate with strangers? What are his hobbies? All of this may not have much impact on the personality of the character, but knowing these points will help you get into the character and adjust properly to play your role. For example, if you were going to portray the character Rei Ayanami from the universe of the Evangelion animated series, it would be a good idea to revisit his series as the convention approaches. Pay attention to how the character is drawn and how his personality develops.

Practice the poses of some characters.

To become a great cosplayer, you need to learn how to convey the entire essence of your character in just one pose. Try to take a pose without any movements and words, which in themselves will express the personality of the character. Try practicing in front of the mirror different poses and see if any of them are the most exciting. If you’re having trouble choosing the most effective pose, try looking at promotional illustrations and photos of the character and try copying your cosplay poses from them.

Ignore negative attention.

Unfortunately, for all the amazing opportunities that anime festivals and conventions offer, they also attract haters and detractors. Transforming into an attractive anime girl can be a real challenge for any of them. If this person approaches you or makes an unflattering comment about you, you’d better ignore it and walk away. Nothing breaks the created image of the character like real stress, and you don’t need negative emotions, which could interfere with your regular participation in the anime fan convention. If someone is relentlessly chasing you, it would be wise to contact event security or the police.

Use a plain (preferably natural) fabric.

Then, knit and slippery fabrics are very difficult to sew, and the result of their use can be a completely unattractive suit. Try to avoid using such fabrics unless you are an experienced seamstress. He uses plain, medium-severe fabrics, as they are easy for beginners to work with. Try to choose natural types of fabrics such as poplin, cotton, or fine wool.

Make your costume stand out.

In most cases, people will only admire your clothes for a few seconds, and then turn their attention to something else. Delicate costumes are just great, but if necessary, it is usually enough to include a very simple element in the outfit that will make your outfit instantly stand out and stand out. Depending on your knowledge of anime, you can come up with different ways to decorate the outfit more casually. Part 3 Do your hair and put on makeup

Visually enlarge the eyes.

 Anime is a very specific style of cartoon animation, and perhaps what is most distinctive about it is the way it depicts enlarged eyes. In cosplay, these eyes can be portrayed with makeup. Define the eyes with white eyeliner and visually increase their contours by layering around the lighter eye shadows. Shadows will help you create a new, enlarged eye shape. Gently blend them along the outer edge to soften the transition. Although you will have to use more eye shadow than usual, the rest of your makeup should still be minimal. This will make the oversized eyes look more natural.

Try using contact lenses.

 Since the eyes are very important in the anime drawing style, you should try to draw attention to them as much as possible. This can be achieved quickly and relatively accessible way – the use of contact lenses. Study your character’s eye style and decide if it’s appropriate for you to use colored contact lenses to fit the personality better.

Put a blush on your cheeks.

Anime girls are stylized in many ways. They often look like dolls, so makeup should give you a doll look. Use blush to make your cheeks rosy like the character. If desired, you can first make the face paler using concealer and foundation. If you need any specific clues about your character’s appearance, re-watch the anime with his participation. The best costumes are based on the exact repetition of all the details of a character’s appearance

However, makeup is not the most important part of cosplaying, so don’t worry too much about it if working with cosmetics is by no means your forte. Straighten your hair and give yourself bangs. There is no universal “anime hairstyle” for girls. It is always recommended to do a hairstyle based on a certain personal image. However, straightening your hair will give you a more “Japanese” look. Also, explosions are a very distinctive feature of anime. It is recommended to find a suitable picture of your personality and show it to the hairdresser to make you a similar hairstyle.

 There is also the possibility of using wigs. Suitable wigs can be found in stores that sell carnival costumes. Recently, Japanese animation has become very popular, in which different heroes act very brightly and have an interesting appearances. By the way, in my opinion, a very interesting feature of anime is that the appearance of the hero in these animes can tell about the character of the character. For example, if you see a character with pink hair and big eyes, then this is a kind and freedom-loving character. Recently, the anime style has moved from animation to clothing. The first, of course, were Japanese girls who took care of their costumes from the cartoon and wore them with pleasure. At home in Japan, this style is very popular. Only bright clothes, and make-up, and on the street you meet the animated character of your favourite cartoon.

 Anime in clothes.

Anime style in clothes. Of course, the anime characters look very bright and the youthful anime style is just as cool. Versatility here is a hallmark of anime style. If you want to look like a cartoon, wear clothes in the shape of a rectangle or trapezoid. And, of course, everyday T-shirts and caps, T-shirts with applications of cartoon characters, and sneakers. In anime style, this is an experiment and a somewhat risky experiment. Don’t give up, remember the elegant girl Trump confidence! But you shouldn’t completely imitate your favourite anime heroine either. We remember that you need to choose the hairstyle, haircut, and hair colour individually for the shape and features of the face. I think the hair colour should not be too bright, it is better to choose something close to a more natural colour. Although in modern technologies, I think you can, and experiment, the colour can always be restored and changed. Ponytails, bob haircuts, and of course, anime have bangs in almost every anime. Stock up on mousses, gels, foams, hairspray, and imagination, and don’t forget about a sense of proportion. That’s all it takes to create an anime-style hairstyle.

Anime style is a very large number of bright colours and combinations

Anime style is a very large number of bright colours and combinations. If you are an energetic and emotional person, dress brightly. – Anime. Preference is mainly given to white, black, white, red, and orange flowers. And of course, the more different the accessories and decorations, the better! Anime-style makeup, in my opinion, is better not to turn it grotesque and not to achieve naturalism.

Kawaii (expensive Japanese ) for my stylish girls! Don’t be afraid to experiment! so cold! Your Anna! Likes? The anime has found a large number of fans among young people. This was facilitated by numerous breathtaking cartoons created by the leading artists of the Land of the Rising Sun. Without knowing it, Japanese animators created completely new, hitherto unseen, and unique combinations of clothes that made a splash on the planet.

It was like an atomic explosion! Since the anime style in clothes has transformed the world of fashion in all its fundamentals, and now millions of children and adolescents from different countries strive to be like their favourite heroes in Japanese cartoons. Let’s try to understand the intricacies of the animation style, and highlight its distinctive features.

 Anime style features

 In contrast to the cosplay style, where it is customary to create a copy of the costume of your favourite character from Japanese animated series, the anime style has a wider scope and democratic views. Here it is enough to choose clothes that remind you of your favourite character, or even make a bow by combining things from several cartoon images at once. However, both styles are closely related and go hand in hand, like brothers.

 Note that the most preferred clothing for Japanese anime and manga characters are youth, ready-to-wear, street, and casual styles. However, the costumes of cute cartoon characters deserve special attention. Do not forget about the extravagance, glamour, abstraction, and sex appeal of these costumes. This is where a truly inexhaustible source of inspiration is hidden for fashionistas who dream of a unique bow!

Japanese schoolgirl or Sailor Moon?

 He chooses! Of course, you always want to imitate the memorable bright characters and costumes for the characters. Remember at least the feature-length cartoon “Princess Mononoke” or the more popular series “Naruto”, “Sailor Moon” and “Pokemon”. In short, the anime style of clothing features two fashion choices that can be divided into colour schemes. The first of them is distinguished by its gloom, and its constant companions are delicate things or white roses. Usually, these are costumes of evil or heroes who are lost in the depths of their souls. The second is distinguished by the juiciness and contrast of colours in clothes (pink, scarlet, saturated, etc.), although a pastel palette is also acceptable here. Often in such outfits, you can see anime characters of everyday or fantasy genre.

categories of images inspired by Japanese anime.

Let’s highlight the three most popular categories of images inspired by Japanese anime. The first in the top three was the uniform of an ordinary Japanese schoolgirl. In the Land of the Rising Sun, each educational institution has its own approved uniform. Therefore, in this case, it is very easy to create clothes in the style of anime.

 Dilute the traditional white top and dark bottom with a more contrasting bow tie or ribbon tied in a bow. Required attributes are golf courses or socks, as well as loafers or ballet flats. Bows dedicated to professions such as maids or policemen are no less successful among young people. Distinctive features of these outfits, as well as any costume in the anime style, can be called their obvious hypersexuality.

 It manifests itself in the length of the (ultra-mini) skirts, the deliberate emphasis on stockings, lace inserts, pantyhose, and frank cutouts on the chest. The third place is shared by two types of costumes. Special attention deserves clothes from fictional characters. They amaze the imagination with their unique colours and clothes in different styles.

And finally, traditional Japanese costumes, which the animators were not afraid to modify, gave them additional attractiveness and sexuality. However, here they did not lose, otherwise why such a success of these clothes among girls all over the world? Create your original anime-style image, and don’t forget about amazing accessories.

Actual here will be bright jewelry made of plastic, which at first glance is more suitable for a little girl. But this is the phenomenon of the popularity of such clothes: in their unique colour with a train of naivety. Imitate your heroes, and bring the vibrant virtual world to real life!

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