Anime that you will be embarrassed to watch with other people

The world of anime has been leaving all kinds of different genres, as well as the best-recommended anime in history. However, among this wide variety of options, there are also some anime that, although they are not recommended for all ages, could be embarrassing to watch in the company of third parties. Especially since they contain scenes not suitable for all audiences.

A list that they have been preparing from Screen Rant, and that includes all kinds of anime of different themes where either the violence or somewhat more mature content, can lead more than one to decide to think twice before choosing to see one of the following anime accompanied. What would you add to the list? Needless to say, these are not suitable series for children and even many adults may feel uncomfortable with certain scenes.

Top 10 anime that you will be embarrassed to see accompanied

Without further ado, here are the 10 anime that you will be embarrassed to watch with other people. They are anime series for people over 18 years of age due to their risqué scenes or unlimited violence. Some are available on platforms like Netflix or Crunchyroll that are committed to offering a wide variety of deeper and adult anime.

  • Elfen Lied
  • High School DxD
  • Shimoneta
  • Pompoko
  • Prison School
  • High School of the Dead
  • Kill la Kill
  • Cromartie High School
  • Golden Boy

Elfen Lied

This anime has it all. It has tender moments and dramatic moments, but above all, it presents some scenes that could affect the most sensitive viewers. That is to say that very bloody and unpleasant scenes appear. The story takes place in Kamakura and Kanagawa, where the protagonist is a young human-like mutated girl known as a Diclonius.

Her name is Lucy and she is being held in a facility where she is being experimented on. She manages to escape and is injured in the process, so from then on she becomes a hunted young woman. The Special Assault Team will try to capture her with very brutal methods, a pursuit that causes other Diclonius to become deadly assassins.

High School DxD

In this case, we are faced with an anime that, leaving aside its risqué scenes, has dialogues loaded with all kinds of intimate references and euphemisms. Some phrases that perhaps can make whoever is watching it feel somewhat uncomfortable having company. The plot takes place at Kuoh Academy, a former girls’ school that is now co-educational.

You can already imagine what that means for a group of young people with revolutionized hormones. However, there is something else to this anime. Among the group of students are angels, fallen angels, and demons. The protagonist is a lustful student who meets a girl, but she takes her life and another young woman turns him into a demon who will have to serve her.


Shimoneta poses a situation where society finds itself living in a completely censored world in the year 2030. The Japanese government has taken strict measures against anyone doing immoral activity. Therefore it is prohibited to use foul language, distribute certain cultural products, and other more severe restrictions.

This will lead its protagonists to inquire into all kinds of topics. The inhabitants have to wear high-tech devices called Peacekeepers that analyze every word and hand movement. This is how a terrorist group led by Blue Snow emerges who hides his identity under an undergarment.

Pompoko is a curious series starring Tanukis.

Despite being a few years old, Pompoko continues to amaze viewers. It is an animated film by Studio Ghibli starring the tanuki, an animal reminiscent of raccoons. Tanuki is capable of transforming into people and other objects, so this creates surreal situations.

A group of tanuki is being threatened by a suburban development project on the outskirts of Tokyo. This can lead to changes in the forest habitat and therefore in the natural ecosystem of the tanuki. So they decide to fight in a very curious way to save their environment. We don’t tell you anything so as not to spoil the anime…

Prison School is an anime that exploits eroticism in all its forms.

Once again we find ourselves before an anime full of uncomfortable situations, in which its protagonists enter a school that until then was only for girls with revolutionized hormones. One of the strictest academies in Tokyo has decided to admit boys, but only 5 students out of 1000 girls will enter. Something that will lead the school council of the same to “punish” any mistake of their new classmates.

High School of the Dead presents an atypical zombie apocalypse.

High School of the Dead centers on several female students who have managed to survive a zombie apocalypse. And although it presents the typical survival story of an undead movie or series, it also stands out for the tense situations that its protagonists go through. The story is set in present-day Japan which has been hit by a deadly pandemic.

The protagonists are part of a group of students who face all the consequences of this apocalypse. There is a social collapse with dangerous survivors and the deterioration of society’s moral codes. So this anime has risqué scenes, where they barely leave room for the imagination.

Kill la Kill

Granted, Kill la Kill is an anime that has a legion of followers and has been acclaimed on numerous occasions by both fans and critics. However, leaving all this aside, we are faced with an anime whose protagonist has a special suit, Senkestsu, who, in addition to talking and giving the series even more humor, presents a somewhat striking appearance once he becomes uniform. battle. Something that can surprise those who are not used to this anime at first.

Honnouji Academy is a high school located in Tokyo Bay. The students’ uniforms grant them superhuman abilities because they are made of a special material known as Life Fibers.

Cromartie High School features a delinquent institute.

In this case, we are faced with an anime with a peculiar sense of humor that focuses on a high school where its protagonists seem to have exceeded their forties. So far everything could be seen as something more or less normal. However, the strangest thing about this series appears when we find Freddie Mercury, Queen’s lead singer, as a reference in one of the anime’s characters, or when a gorilla turns out to be one of the smartest students in the class.

The viewer soon discovers that all the protagonists are criminals, and each one has their style. This anime is still a parody that refers to all the clichés about high school series, the tough guy figure, and other things that will give you food for thought.

Golden Boy

It is a series from the 90s that does not hide its intentions. Its premise is to remain an innocent series, although as it progresses it loses that “innocence”. The anime places the plot in the shoes of a 25-year-old, Kintaro Ooe, who aims to discover everything that life has to offer. This reason leads him to accept all kinds of jobs throughout his travels.

In this anime, monsters are defeated by taking off their clothes.

This anime based on the game of the same name presents a most surreal story, where a series of monsters have invaded the Akihabara area in Tokyo. A young warrior appears to rescue the protagonists and defeat the monsters. The weird thing is that she can only defeat them by removing their clothes completely to expose them to light.

So the risqué scenes are the order of the day in this anime. Of course, this is also the weakness of its protagonists, so they will have to be vigilant to save the city from these beasts. Feelings and other relationships that are dealt with during the series arise between the main characters.

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

This most absurd anime takes us through the adventures of its protagonists, including Bobobo, who will fight against his enemies thanks to the powers and abilities that come from his nose hairs. Another character is Gasser, who, as his name indicates, will fight using his farts.

These are just some of the strange characters that the anime introduces. The story takes place in the year 300X and the world is under the rule of the Maruhage Empire. His Hair Hunt troop captures the hair of innocent citizens, shaving their heads. And that’s where Bobobo comes into action, an atypical hero who will be accompanied by eccentric characters.

Kuuchuu Buranko (Welcome to Irabu’s Office)

The story of this animated adaptation takes place in Tokyo. This anime does not focus on any kind of violent or adult content. It simply presents different patients of the strangest, who are dedicated to visiting the leading doctor and who, when they arrive at his office, become even more strange due to his treatments.

It all starts when a patient suffering from a psychological problem consults Dr. Irabu, his only hope. He has a fondness for injecting things and every patient experiences side effects, he turns his head into an animal and other crazy things. The anime has a larger background, uniquely depicting the complex inner world of adolescents.

Terra Formas

The series focuses on a conflict between humans and mutant cockroaches that begins when they first begin to send these creatures into space, and more specifically to Mars. However, they will soon discover that they have ended up evolving and mutating. And hundreds of years later, the conflict between humans and cockroaches breaks out, which will result in all kinds of violent deaths.

Mawaru Penguindrum is quite controversial

Agree that this time it is an anime that encompasses great characters and a most emotional plot. However, there may be some points that clash a lot. Because Mawaru Penguindrum raises the situation of a young woman, terminally ill, rescued by the spirit of a hat in the shape of a penguin, capable of bringing her back from death.

However, his brothers will have to collaborate with these animals to free their sick sister from this disease. This raises an extensive debate about life and the human condition, in addition to the fact that penguins have a very curious personality that will end up catching you.

So far the selection of animes that you will be embarrassed to see with other people, where there is a great variety of series. We remember that most of these animes are not recommended for minors and have even been censored in some regions. Without a doubt, they are quite a strange series that use eroticism or violence as part of the plot. Have you seen any of these series: alone or accompanied?

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