Best build Genshin Impact mecha, artifacts, and F2P

I prefer the Genshin Impact mecha build that gives your party a hybrid healer and attacker that, unlike most healers in Genshin Impact, can actually heal the entire party, not just the active character.

The special mecha status improves the group’s physical attack power, and while this may seem restricted to a particular prestige, it can help bring out the best in some DPS sub-heroes.

Mika needs plenty of Wolfhook Berries to level you up, so be sure to stock them up while you’re in Mondstadt.

Which Genshin Impact mecha assembly is the best?

Either way, her explosion is only scaled. There is no way to increase the damage of his skill or increase the effect it gives to a physical attack, which makes it relatively easy to craft.

Mickey’s best weapon

Only two halberds increase the user’s health, and one of them is a 5-star weapon: Homa’s Staff. It surges HP by 20 percent and enhancements an attractiveness attack based on their HP, though there are absolutely other polearm users who can benefit more from this weapon than Micah.

The 3-star Black Tassel is the better option in terms of the HP meter, as at level 90 it provides a 46 percent health boost, more than double the number of Homa Buff workers when level 1 healed. The downside is that the passive skill Black Tassel is underused. Increases damage to slime.

Mick’s best artifacts

Most players plan to use Noblesse Oblige to recruit Mika. The two-piece effect is meaningless since his blast does no damage, but the four-piece effect helps increase his support abilities, boosting the combo’s attack.

  • Two-piece effect: Increases blast damage by 20%.
  • Four Piece Effect: Increases the group’s ATK by 20 percent for 12 seconds after the equipped character uses an elemental blast.

Millelith’s Tenacity seems like a good option on the surface, but since its effect only lasts five seconds and Miki’s skill only activates when he’s on the field, the attack power it gives to the combo is less than what you get from Noblesse Oblige.

Ocean-coloured clams are another alternative if you want your mecha to be a healer.

  • Two-piece effect: Increases healing by 15%.
  • Four-piece effect: When an equipped character heals a party member, it creates a single bubble of sea foam. This bubble absorbs incoming healing, including excess, up to 30 HP and explodes after 000 seconds, dealing damage based on the amount of HP absorbed.

Whatever you choose, focus on HP and Cryo damage to substations. A power recharge would also come in handy, though if you have a Power Battery in your kit, Mika might just get the most out of it.

Better build Mika F2P

Mick’s F2P build is basically just a basic build but with Black Tassel as the weapon of choice. You can try the Kitain Cross Spear, an Inazuma craftable pillar if you want to increase the damage of Miki’s skills and get some extra energy for your troubles. Passive skill increases basic skill damage by up to 12% and restores more energy for a short time. F2P Mika’s artifacts will be the same, with the same emphasis on submachines.

Is Mecha good in Genshin Impact?

Mika is a supporting character who specializes in buffing up physical damage and team healing. While increasing physical damage won’t help with setting up elemental feedback or boosting a character like the Alhaitam skill or blast damage, it does give the main fighter something to do while their skills are on cooldown. Shenhe, Yula, and Dilyuk are a few strong hitters who will benefit from physical strength, but it also means you can experiment a bit more with characters that have high normal attack multipliers, like Kuki Shinobu.

Mickey’s skill fires an ice crossbow bolt, and if you hold down the skill button, on hit it creates three ice star fragments that explode and deal extreme cold damage. The skill activates the state of the soul, which increases the attack speed of the active character. Mika’s second passive talent adds Detector stacks. Created when Mickey’s skill or Ice Star Shard strikes opponents. Each boosts physical attack by 10 percent, and there can be three at a single point

Increasing attack speed is useful for claymore users and other slow characters like Yae Miko and Ninguan.

Mecha Blast Heals The Party Based On Their Health

The mecha blast heals the party based on their health, then heals a smaller amount also based on their health at regular intervals. His third passive talent increases the number of detector stacks you can get by one and creates a situation where a character with a healing effect and Soulwind deals a critical hit, earning an additional detector stack.

It’s a little confusing, though, as landing critical hits is something most characters do fairly regularly. Mickey’s 6th Constellation also increases the chance of a critical hit for the active character when under the effect of his ability, so if you happen to unlock all of these

Miki’s healing gauge is about half that of Barbara and Kokomi, and the fixed amount he heals at lower intervals as well. Miki’s abilities heal the entire party, not just the active character, which is not the case for Kokomi.

Should I choose Mika?

Mika is a decent second healer and has a great attacker for some characters, though it’s not required. If you already have a healer or two capable of healing and your attack speed or physical attack buffs don’t bother you, you should probably skip mecha and not suffer from it.

If you find yourself in your party with him, he can make a refreshing change to your technique and, combined with Bennett’s attack power and appropriate artifacts, can help increase damage dealt a lot. Micah’s first constellation also makes him a better healer, as it reduces the periods when his explosive effect heals the party.

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