From the passion for catching insects and keeping them in your pocket to an international franchise with a popularity that has not stopped growing among its fans since 1996, we could not be talking about anyone else today but Pokemon.

These little characters have opened up in the world of anime without backing down from their idea of ​​being pocket monsters, which later turned into a television series, movies, video games, clothing merchandising, and even a card game.

Today there are more than 800 characters with particular and extraordinary abilities, capable of transforming from small and cute characters to powerful monsters with superpowers.

Get to collect them all! It is the main objective of the saga.

The resounding success of the franchise was the development of video games that began with the company Nintendo. In its first appearance, its original name as Monster Pocket was the cover in the development of games for game boy, since then they have evolved up to five generations.

With this growth was also added the appearance of multiple Pokemon merchandising products such as Pokemon dolls, towels, clothes, and Pokemon backpacks, among others, to satisfy the desire of big and small fans, in Albithinia you can explore some of them.

Without a doubt, a phenomenon that constitutes a whole Pokemon universe, of which we will share some details with you in the following lines. The best of Team Rocket.

characters and armor

When walking down the street, if we look closely, we will surely be able to identify a fan by the image of one of the curious Pokemon characters.

The most popular and used by everyone, in addition to the protagonist of the film, Pikachu the mascot of the main figure of the game Ash Ketchum. Its yellow color of it, its tail in the shape of a lightning bolt, its sweet expression, and its hidden power of it, are its most remarkable attributes of it.

As the game grew in popularity, new characters were added.

Originally the Pokemon of the first generation totaled 151 today there are more than 800.

Everything revolves around capturing characters, training them, and having them compete against others to win the Pokemon League.

Each character is inspired by a creature from the real world, such as insects, mythical animals, real animals, plants, and objects, each one is categorized according to the power it can develop, among them: fire, water, air, earth, plant type, electric, ghost, dragon, sinister among others.

The power that one exerts over another is very similar to the popular game rock, paper, or scissors.

Let’s get to know some of the favorites, which you can see on a printed t-shirt or Pokemon backpack with wheels, which accompanies children when they go to school or are the most sought-after on the platforms.


This is the best-known character in history, and you don’t have to be very curious to notice how that little electric type jumps out of a Pokemon sweatshirt. The great power of him accumulates in his red cheeks and he jumps.

Originally in the form of a mouse, it is the pet of Team Rocket’s protagonist, named Ash.

Pokemon merchandising has revolved around its figure and all children imitate its unique sound.


Other favorites that we can see from the characters of the first generation to the latest from  Pokemon Go. He is a psychic type and is considered the ancestor of all other characters because of his similar genes. This is precisely what makes him a favorite because he can develop the power of everyone else.


One of the representatives of the fifth generation, one of the most difficult to find, hence it is one of the most sought after in the collection both in games and Pokemon dolls, its type is ground.


A dragon with wings and a tail of fire are the most appreciable features of this Pokemon. He is of the fire type and accompanies Pikachu and Ahs from the beginning already in their most recent pro versions and  Pokemon Showdown can evolve into their Mega Charizard forms.


Another of the most recent characters in the franchise, from the fifth generation, which simulates an ice dragon, is highly sought after by children, its most important data being that it does not evolve and is only available for the most recent games.


This first generation of Pokemon is recognized because it is always looking for a leek, which it keeps in its beak and uses for different things such as defending itself. His ability is on the wings and it’s hard for coaches to get him.


Legendary Pokemon, you recognize it for being a fire-type bird, with wings and a long beak. Just like this there are only two legendary birds, available in recent game versions and it is known that it cannot be captured unlike the others but only its flame is used.

Another favorite character. 


An imposingly shaped white bird, its second-generation ice-psychic type, its appearance in the animated movie Pokemon 2, and the power of one, caused its popularity to rise.


This sinister-water-type creature stands out for its blue colors with some white spots, it is one of those considered to be of the sixth generation, so its inclusion was only for the most recent versions of the games, which further increases its search.

Imagine we only mentioned a few!

They are many and each one has an image and a complete card that describes it, which is valuable information, especially for the game of Pokemon decks, where gathering the most important ones will decide who is the winner.

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The anime

To continue the talk of this franchise loved by millions around the world, it also includes an animated series.

The material anime, which is still airing, is based on video games, where Ash’s story unfolds as a trainer of these powerful creatures, who take them in as his pets and protect and train them.

The protagonist along with other characters forms Team Rocket.

This animation is made up of 5 series or seasons, which place the different generations of the characters in different blocks and their evolutions, they are called:

  • Pokemon. original series
  • Advance Generation
  • diamond and pearl
  • black and white
  • Sun and moon

It is known that there is another series called Pokemon Journey, based on the sensation  Pokemon Go video game, released in Japan in 2019, very close to what was its eighth generation launch.

Renewal and innovation have been a fundamental part of the growth of the Pokemon franchise, which has also been transferred to multiple Pokemon merchandising products that fill shelves and buy thousands of fans.

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What is the Pokemon card game?

This has been a success that adds to the franchise.

A card game where the players are the trainers of each of the Pokemon characters, who fight with their opponent, one on one, just like in the video game.

Let the best start the play!

The goal of the game is to leave the opponent without cards or eliminate at least 6 Pokemon, the combat is carried out according to the abilities of the Pokemon that each of the participants has in their deck.

This game is competed through local to world tournaments, where the best coaches enlist and compete to see who is the best.

Thousands are increasingly joining this passion. The last tournament was held in Washington DC, in 2019, with about 27 participants.

Events are constantly organized where coaches from all over the world compete against each other to measure their skills, among them are:

TCG Pokemon League.

Score Challenges.

Cup Tournaments.

Regional Championships; International; world.

A fascinating world that only the best Pokemon trainers enter, this year the appointment will be in the month of July.

Let’s get into the latest in the Pokemon world

The growth of this franchise has been exponential and daily they develop new and innovative ideas to satisfy the tastes of their fans. Between the creation of new creatures, armor, gems, or games, the ways to belong to this world have multiplied.

As we have let you know, video games gave you the footing to build the Pokemon empire in the world, to such an extent that you may have one of them nearby right now, without knowing it.

How is this possible?

You will only know if you have  Pokemon Go, or perhaps you prefer virtual training, with the possibility of combining skills in a drill that will serve as training for the real battle, for this you will need  Pokemon Showdown.

To learn more about video games, we must understand that this game is available for Nintendo consoles, such as the most recent Switch, also Game Boy (which was its first release), and Apple devices.

Each game has an element that makes it new, graphics, battles, powers, and evolutions.

Entertainment for a long time.

Virtual meetings are also frequently organized to compete through the screens, this occurs more frequently, some only as online training and others that the competitors do receive qualifications in battles.

One of the most current due to the number of participants is Pokemon Go, which despite having elapsed a little more than 3 years since its launch continues to add players.

The reason for this development in mobiles has been the possibility of finding hidden creatures in the real world.

And not just capture them, but train them and fight with them.

This possibility not only led to gaining more followers but to marking before and after video games on mobile phones, increasingly interactive and bringing a console game to a real experience.

Despite having some detractors, the application has billions of downloads, giving way to the possibility of the ninth generation of Pokemon video games.

The longing of those who have already left behind their favorite series and still, a decade later, have the opportunity to be part of the Pokemon world, has been what has captivated audiences of all ages in Go.

Being themselves the ones who claim to have anti-stress and fun entertainment.

The game is a current worldwide phenomenon due to its captivating dynamics, free download, and the excitement of being close to one of your favorite or most powerful characters.

Despite being free, to advance in the game you will have to pay small sums of money that you make directly through in-app purchases.

How about the idea of ​​spending a weekend catching Pokemon?

Pokemon in Albithinia

Being part of the Pokemon world may be insignificant for some, but for millions around the world, it has become a true hobby, just like any other sport, with the difference that small creatures stored in Pokeballs are trained.

At Albithinia we seek to pamper all Pokemon fans with various products because we know that one will not be enough. Starting with the little ones at home who can form their collection of  Pokemon dolls with each of their figures, as well as  Pokemon backpacks with Pikachu accompanying them to their schools daily.

And if you want to impress with a gift, you also have the option of buying the decks of Pokemon cards that compete annually in various tournaments, perhaps it is the beginning of the training of a winner.

As if this were not enough, there is a variety of clothing such as sweatshirts, outfits, caps, and even  Pokemon masks so you don’t go out unprotected.

A Pokemon world within your reach, go to Albithinia.com and be surprised

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