Pokémon Scarlet and Purple’s 12 Most Powerful New Moves

The most powerful moves!

There are many new features introduced in this ninth generation with Pokémon Scarlet and Purple. Among them, we can find very interesting new movements. Next, in this guide, we will detail several of these movements. Because we know that many of you will be interested in knowing what are those new attacks that have been implemented for this new title. The images that accompany each subtitle are the Pokémon that can learn these movements.

The attack you should use in combat depends a lot on the type of movement and what other type of Pokémon you are facing. Therefore, this list should not be taken as the movements you must use to win a fight.

1. Hyperdrill. Among the most notable new Normal-type moves

Dunsparce – Can learn the new move Hyper Drill

Hyper Drill has a power of 100 and an accuracy of 100%. Ideal against any defensive Pokémon. As its description indicates, “hits even if the opponent uses Protection, Detection, Vastguard or Anticipation that turn, which are nullified.” This move is characteristic of Dunsparce (Normal).

2. Indemnity (Claim)

Mabostiff – Learn the new move Reparation

Hits the opponent with an attack that equalizes it and amplifies it by up to 150%. For that same reason, he does not have a fixed power. However, it should be used after the opponent attacks. That is, he should attack first. Mabostiff (Dark) can learn this move by leveling up.

3. Colossal Hammer (Steel)

Tinkaton – Learn the new move, Colossal Hammer

It has a power of 160, so Colossal Hammer is one of the most powerful new Pokemon Scarlet and Purple moves out there. However, it has the downside that it cannot be used twice in a row. It is striking that it is called a “hammer” and is of the Steel type since these usually belong to Fighting type movements.

4. Broadsword Assault (Dragon)


Its sheer power of 120 and 100% accuracy make it one of the most notable new moves in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple. It has a drawback, after using it, the opponent’s attacks will cause double damage and they will not be able to miss on the next turn. It is convenient to use this attack strategically as a last blow to finish off the opposing Pokémon.

5. Cannon Armor (Fire)

Armarouge – Can learn the new move, Armor Cannon

Armor Cannon has a power of 120 and an accuracy of 100%. However, it also lowers defense and special defense after being used. One of the most powerful new movements that help us do a lot of damage, but we must take into account the reduction of our defenses.

6. Electroskid (Electric). A new Miraidon signature move


When Miraidon (Electric/Dragon) reaches level 56, he can learn Electrodrift. A new move with 100 power and 100% accuracy. Against a Pokémon that is weak to Electric, it will deal an additional 30% damage. This makes it a very deadly attack.

7. Terablast (Normal)

This is one of the most curious newly introduced movements out there. The move will transform into the Teratype’s type if your Pokémon teracrystallizes. Additionally, according to its description, Terablast “compares the user’s attack and special attack and deals damage based on which stat’s value is higher.” The downside is that the only way to learn this move is through a TM. Regardless, it’s still a good move if used properly, having 80 power and 100% accuracy.

8. Flower Trick (Plant). A new signature move for Meowscarade


It always does critical damage, unless an ability or effect prevents it. Flower Trick has a power of 70. This movie is characteristic of Meowscarada (Grass/Dark), the latest evolution of Sprigatito (Grass).

9. Wailing Sword (Fire)


It is the signature move of Ceruledge (Fire/Ghost). Apart from having a power of 90 and an accuracy of 100%, it also has the characteristic that the Pokémon recovers 50% health of the damage it has done to the opposing Pokémon. New moves that are already strong and offer some other benefits are the best to learn.

10. Aquatic Dance (Water). A new signature move for Quaquaval


Water Dance is the signature move of Quaquaval (Water/Fighting), the latest evolution of the initial Quaxly  (Water). It has a power of 80 and an accuracy of 100%. In addition, when used, the speed of the Pokémon that possesses the new movement increases by one level.

11. Photocollision (Psychic)


This move can be learned by Espathra (Psychic) ​​by leveling up. Photocollision has a power of 80 and an accuracy of 100%. Also lowers Special Defense by two stages each time it is used. Undoubtedly, one of the most notable among the new movements is in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple of the Psychic type. It is important both to deal with damage and to reduce the statistics of the opponents.

12. Salting (Rock)


It is a signature move of Naclstack (Rock), which evolves into Garganacl (Rock). It is not very powerful, since it has 40 power, but it has 100% accuracy and reduces the enemy’s health every turn, even more so if the Pokémon is a Steel or Water type.

Pokémon Scarlet and Purple went on sale on November 18, 2022, thus giving way to the ninth generation of Pokémon. You can read other video game guides on Nintenderos.

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